Island Resort HOTEL
27880 6880 15 1.12+

Builder:farisgamer853 Velcome to Island Resort Hotel!A very luxury hotel on a beautifull island,also make sure to follow me for new worlds like this one. Im building another map for you. -farisgamer853

Harry potter hogwarts
17281 3014 15 1.11+

It is amazing.You could almost see all the buildings in hogwarts.

Patriotville Freedom County
44524 6309 56 1.12+

Created by Poison__Ivy. Introduction: Patriotville is a 3 year project (as of 10.06.2017) that is a mish-mash of various American cities and landscapes with generous amounts of satirical humor throughout. The city is referred to as Patriotville while the countryside is referred to as Freedom County. It used to be hosted on a now-defunct server but we were provided the world save and we trimme...

Vertoak City
29048 6889 13 1.12+

Created by Fish95. Vertoak City is a massive city themed creation, adventure map for minecraft. Unlike other maps, there are no goals or rules in Vertoak City, you can explore and do anything you want. You choose your own adventure! Every building in the city has fully furnished rooms to explore, and there are tons of hidden chests and secret rooms to find as well. Can you find them all. There...

New Port City
25894 2819 32 1.12+

Created by Epicsawrunner. I built a new map called New Port City it was built with the help of Instant Massive Structures, world edit, and TheRedStone Engineers Lego command block creation (for the WELCOME TO NEWPORT sign). It was original built in 1.10.2 but it works with all newer versions. It does not use mod what so ever though it was built using them. Youtube channel: Epicsawrunner

Colorado River
28967 6963 23 1.12+

Created by Daxmatic. A few month ago I desicded to puplish my Server-Map, but this Map is to big. So I thought, that I copy the City into another World. A World I made by myself with WorldPainter. As you can see, the map has 4 islands: City (this download), Stadiums (coming soon), Airport (coming soon), Industry (coming soon) I like to focus on the details, so I also insert many Cars and Truc...