1759 122 1 1.14+

If you want to have an Underwater adventure and survive under water this map is a new challenge, also you have access to the nether and the end. last update 11-6-2019

Skyblock 2019 1.14.4
4437 528 1 1.14+

Skyblock 2019, look like vanilla skyblock with access to nether and the end with over 20 Islands in overworld and nether. have a grate adventure by saving your pets from other Islands also making several automatic farms. beware of the most dangers adventures of your life in Minecraft! last update: 11-7-2019

Void Matrix Remastered
1236 50 0 1.12+

Created by Explosive Fridge. Are you worthy to gain the power of ascension.. Prove yourself! The Void Matrix is a CTM style adventure map for Minecraft 1.12 which will challenge you with fun and unique levels filled with secrets. Remastered and re-imagined, this definitive version brings a substantial amount of polish and performance upgrades, new secrets and a new hidden zone to explore. AD...

The Lost Treasure
2327 218 1 1.12+

Created by Bezar. STORY: The big storm crushed your pirate ship near the mysterious island. You are the only one who survived. Escape the sinking ship and explore these strange shores. Seek for the answers what happened before on this island and try to find the only real pirate dream - the Lost Treasure. RULES: Singleplayer, You beat the game only when you find the chest named The Lost Treasu...

Deep in Dungeon
2055 156 0 1.12+

Created by Mrkisiel. Years ago, Castle Ooaran was a powerful and safe fortress. It was.Today its only abandoned ruins and their dark legend. Legend of a powerful demon, summoned by Lord Ooaran and his wizards 15 years ago in an ancient underground temple, deep below the castle. The legend says, that right after going trough the portal to The Void he the killed summoners, and almost all dweller...

A Brief History of Slayrs
2119 189 0 1.12+

Created by Henzoid, Cemrek. A Brief History of Slayrs is an adventure map with custom enemies, characters, dialogue, builds, terrain, weapons, and more. It is a unique experience, of medium difficulty, ranging anywhere from 30 minutes to hours of game play depending on skill set, number of players, and how much you grind (grinding is not necessary to win). For millennia, the Slayr have been a...