Time Loop
111 8 0 1.12+

Created by Kassar. Hello, everyone! I can finally present you my latest Adventure map! I built this map for about 6 months! Its a worthwhile choice-based map: it contains 120 choices which affect your playthrough! This map is unique in that it gives the player freedom to craft their own story, unlike any other map you can find (unless there is a one I havent heard of). If you find any bugs, ...

The Infected Area
149 10 0 1.12+

Created by Ceroxon. This adventure map is set in an apocalyptic world. Its up to you to activate the beacons and survive. Back in 2014 I started a project called: The Infected Area. Even though I was done building the map for quite some time now, I never started automating the map with redstone. But because I think its worth it to finally finish the adventure map, I recently proceeded to do a...

135 8 0 1.12+

Created by Kassar. The map was translated from Polish to English, therefore some textures are left untranslated - dont worry, it doesnt interfere in gameplay. The map is based on the popular story from Charles Dickens. Why did i decide to put up a Christmas map, not on Christmas.. Because I didnt finish it till then. But its really worth the play! You will find interesting mechanics, a lot of...

A Heros Journey 2 Elements of th...
148 10 0 1.12+

Created by Craftdiamonds. Long ago there was a world of just Void... Until one day 4 powerful elements emerged. Air, Water, Earth, Fire. They created a wonderful world that flourished with life... The people and animals that inhabited this new land loved the four elements for providing them with warmth, land, food and water, etc. Soon other beings emerged from the original elements such as ...

319 31 0 1.12+

Created bz DJ Disco. This map took me a loooong time to make! And finally it is done after alot of testing and bug fixing! Story: After waking up from a plane crash you found yourself in the middle of nowhere, so you tried to find a way out of the mess. And that is where your journey begins! Youtube channel: DJDisco Gameplays

Prison of the Monster
73 6 0 1.12+

Created by Norvieta. You are closed in an empty prison with an absolute beast that is so dangerous, it slays anyone who tries to kill him. The only way to escape is killing it. Its cell has no keys, you need four mysterious stones to open it. But first, you have to prove your strength on some obstacles to even get the opportunity to fight the Monster.

Spire of Souls Titanfall
82 1 0 1.12+

Created by Qianna. Shrine of Ascendance is the center of the arcane, burried deep in the mountains. For thousands of years it has remained pure, but with its growth it has attracted malefic beasts from the outer world, beasts of voids who seek to twist the essence. Ancient protectors who remained on guard of the shrine have been corrupted, their minds distorted and their souls afflicted. Those...

Midnight Mystery
109 9 0 1.12+

Created by Supercatgirl101. The chilling story begins on a cool October evening when Detective Lou returns home from abroad to find that his dear friend Colonel Bridges has been murdered. She was poisoned at the Dukes dinner party earlier that evening. Everyone suspects the Duke as the murderer, but was there something more sinister going on.

The Flight
142 16 0 1.12+

Created by Zahp. Its 11:00 AM. You and your pilot are travelling by plane to Easter Island. Suddenly, it begins to rain and its getting darker and darker. The pilot says his last words and it s over: your private jet crashed. But... you survived. It seems you are lost in a jungle, but strange noises indicate the presence of an elf. She helps you to visit the magic village, on her own special wa...

The Secret Island
674 139 1 1.13+

Created by Team Blocksanity. A well known and eccentric billionaire has passed away. Not having any family to inherit his wealth. A committee was formed of the top minds of all Minecraft. They were tasked by the billionaire to find the most worthy candidate to inherit his most secret of islands. Situated in an un-disclosed location in the Pacific Ocean. A private wonderland that could bes...

Metroid Bounty Hunter
164 9 0 1.12+

Created by Tsunami67. You are Samus Aran, the legendary bounty hunter. You have no more missions to accomplish, but you notice a strange planet, that seems to be a temporal rift itself. Upon trying to land on it, the temporal rift transports you into an unknown area, that links 7 different areas from your past. You ll face numerous enemies throughout all 7 levels to gain Credits, which will be...

Herobrines Mansion
634 110 0 1.12+

Created by Hypixel. This is a co-op map, but can be played in single player. Herobrine s Mansion Adventure Map Features: 6 unique boss fights, Customized monsters, Elite monsters that has chances to drop, Demonic Set, Shops, Item sets and other unique items, No mods required, Herobrine, Storyline by commandblocks, 4 secret rooms, Custom potions, 1 to 2 hours of gameplay. Youtube channel: Hypi...