8928 4766 0 1.11 - 1.15

Faithful is the perfect balance between HD graphics, and Minecraft's original look and feel. For someone who likes the original feel of the game, this strikes the balance.

Modern HD
5745 1686 0 1.9 - 1.13

This Resource Pack updates every block in the game and many items, textures, mobs, colormaps, and the font! Use this pack to make your modern house, skyscraper, yacht, resort, or neighborhood look the way you imagined it! Versions available compatible for any update of Minecraft since Beta 1.9.

SC Photorealism
2323 794 0 1.12 - 1.14

SC Photorealism is a 128x resource pack which aims to deliver a stunning, high definition Minecraft experience using photo-realistic textures, and detailed bump mapping when combined with shaders. SC Photorealism is designed from the ground up to work both with modern architecture as well as more rustic build styles, making it suitable for a wide range of use cases. Along with its stunning textures, this pack also includes a realistic custom sky ...

Flows HD
1130 654 0 1.9 - 1.14

Welcome to Flows HD! We have worked hard to bring you a beautifully designed resource pack to enhance your Minecraft gaming experience. We are modern, we are organic, we are elegant. With Flow's you will feel even more immersed in your Minecraft gaming experience. The world will look beautiful and feel beautiful. All we ask from you is that you enjoy every minute of your time spent using Flow's. Meanwhile we will be continuously innovating and de...

Default 3D
945 406 0 1.8 - 1.14

Default 3D Low would be your way to go when the computer you’re using isn’t that powerful. Considering it’s derived from Default 3D High. In comparison, it lacks a few block models and features pack-specific block models. This ensures the pack will run smooth. Models in this pack also features ‘smooth edges’, this makes all textures of all faces of a model connect seamlessly with its adjacent faces, creating an eye-pleasing gameplay exp...

618 206 0 1.12 -1.14

Clarity 32x brings pixel-perfection to an entirely new level. Every single block and item is thoroughly thought out to bring the perfect balance of realism and traditionalism, while still maintaining Minecraft’s block-by-block core. The resolution of 32x allows for greatly increased clarity and detail over standard Minecraft, yet it embraces the game’s blocky nature, in turn allowing it to run on even low powered systems. The experience is tr...