Patriotville Freedom County

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Category: city

Minecraft Version: 1.12+

Map Type: Java Edition (.zip) | Bedrock Edition (.rar)

Description: Created by Poison__Ivy. ...

Description: Created by Poison__Ivy. Introduction: Patriotville is a 3 year project (as of 10.06.2017) that is a mish-mash of various American cities and landscapes with generous amounts of satirical humor throughout. The city is referred to as Patriotville while the countryside is referred to as Freedom County. It used to be hosted on a now-defunct server but we were provided the world save and we trimmed out all the unnecessary land and builds ages ago to focus on this project. A lot of the homes and apartments within the city and countryside were furnished by players who bought and lived in these homes, so their interiors can vary in quality. Special Thanks to: Elswr (for the player heads), Oldshoes (for the advice on the builds), Rosewater (for the updated interiors), MarcusHD(for helping out with the terraforming, MrWizz (for the AMAZING tree pack he made) and Aspergius (thank you for the plugin and redstone magic) Also a BIG thanks to everyone who helped with building and making this city a true community effort and for the constant times Ive been assassinated in my own home in the city!


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2019/11/24 22:07

I can t see it i spawn in water☹


2019/12/04 03:42

how to istall


2019/12/04 03:43

how to istall


2019/12/04 03:43

how to istall


2020/02/16 18:36

How to disable add block?!?!?!