Star Wars Parkour
190 19 0 1.12+

Created by John Ireland. Map features six levels, each taking place on a unique location from the Star Wars Prequels. Journey through planets from Star Wars as you try to avoid falling. Enjoy! Note: This map is only the Prequel trilogy. This has taken far longer than I expected, so the original trilogy parkour map will arrive in the future. Youtube channel: Velira

The Void Parkour
121 34 0 1.12+

Created by Popfabigaming. This is a map made by 4 Kids, on the 10-11 Can You Beat all levels, Lets Find Out! The Stone, The Jungle, The Lava, The Slime, The Rage, The Water Jump, Flappy Boat, Little Rainbow, Shop War, The long end EASTER EGG: There is a bird on every stage. Try spot them all!

Pure Dash Parkour
67 9 0 1.12+

Created by Sparkour. There are no signs or start buttons. You begin at level one, and after you find the exit you will be immediately teleported to the start of level two, and so forth. Its a singleplayer map: if you bring a friend to play with you on this map, it will not work. Surprisingly, many people don t understand that.

Prison Parkour
89 12 0 1.12+

Created by Jack. You have been sent to a prison in the Dark Ages! You find yourself at the bottom of a very, very deep dungeon. Your only chance of escape is to parkour up to the top and bust out the doors! Climb and jump from ledge to slippery ledge and make sure you don t slip and fall, as there are only three checkpoints. Some points in the map may deceive you or trick you. Be careful! O...

Every Block Parkour
86 10 0 1.12+

Created by Computernaut. Block Parkour has 190 levels each one built with a different one of the blocks found in the Building Blocks section of the creative mode inventory (and in that same order too). Nothing fancy, just nice simple parkour and great for speed run if you are good at parkour and like that sort of thing.

Biome Bounce Parkour
109 19 0 1.12+

Created by Fireon12064. Welcome to Biome Bounce, the parkour map that features levels themed on different Minecraft biomes. Each level presents a new and unique challenge, something both the parkour pro or amateur will enjoy. This map features: Ten Levels, 1.12 Commands, Frustrating Long Jumps, Ice Parkour, Cactus Parkour, Treetop Jumping, Quartz Main Hall, Cocoa Bean Parkour, Animal Spawns, S...

Color Mash Parkour
73 8 0 1.12+

Created by Brybry2370. There are 16 colors and 16 levels in this map. Each level is special in its little own way. I hope you beat it! Have fun! Youtube channel: Brybry2370

Effective Levels Parkour
64 4 0 1.12+

Created by Trevor. Welcome to Effective Levels where each level gives you a different effect, like: speed, jump boost, nausea, wither, and much more. Some effects are given to you in ways you probably never had before! Dont forget to check your grades after you complete the map! There are probably going to be many bugs so please let me know if you find some. Youtube channel: TREVOR

Parkour Pure 5
175 21 0 1.12+

Created by Sparkour. The fifth installment in the PURE parkour map series is out. Due to overall feedback from Pure Void, this map contains twice as many levels and some difficult parkour towards the end. This map is made for single-player use only, the map will not function correctly with more than one player. When playing, your render distance should be above 8. If you are playing on a server...

Ring of Parkour
176 32 0 1.12+

Created by Shinyz. On this map you will have to parkour in a crazy Structure that is Shaped like a ring. This map has 16 Stages Now you may be wondering how difficult this map is. Well it depends on how good you are at parkour. This map can be a cakewalk for you if you have been playing a lot of parkour maps for awhile and you re not bad at it, But if you re a beginner, I Recommend playing an...

Parkour Super Stages
160 24 0 1.14+

Created by Llamas22. This is a 15-ish Level Map full of Fun and Excitement! Play in Minecraft 1.14.4, Gamemode Adventure, Enable Command Blocks.

Mirrors Edge Parkour
232 22 0 1.12+

Created by MoonsPod. Play Peaceful, 3 Jump Areas, Finish for each area is marked by redstone blocks, most pressure plates will set your Spawn. if you fall you should be automatically killed, unless death upon falling is disabled, then you must type kill Runner Bags (Books retextured) reduce your finished time at the end of an area Place the Runner Bags in the chest inside finish rooms at th...

Parkour Paradise 3
288 70 0 1.12+

Created by Hielke. Parkour Paradise is back one final time! In Parkour Paradise 3 there are 100 new and fun levels to beat! This map also works with multiple players. So go ahead and play, alone or with friends! Make sure you are playing on Minecraft version 1.12.2 If playing on a server, enable command blocks! Have fun! Youtube channel: Hielke - Minecraft

Parkour Paradise Caves
190 31 0 1.12+

Created by Hielke. Parkour Paradise Caves is a parkour map about caves! Parkour your way through cave lakes, rivers and lava lakes! Play on your own or with friends. Multiplayer friendly! Elytra flight parkour, Checkpoints, Moving minecarts to parkour on, Lots of easter eggs to discover, A timer to keep track of your time, 10 - 30 minutes play time. If playing on a server, enable comm...

Parkour Paradise 2
245 48 0 1.12+

Created by Hielke. In Parkour Paradise 2 there are 100 new and fun levels to beat! This map is Multiplayer friendly and works fully automatic! You don t have to do any commands yourself. Everything is easy, simple and self-explaining. Level size increased from 10x10 blocks in Parkour Paradise 1 to 15x15 blocks in Parkour Paradise 2, what basically means that there is more parkour for you to...

Parkour Paradise
229 32 0 1.12+

Created by Hielke. Parkour Paradise is a huge parkour map This map also works with multiple players. The first levels of the map will be very easy, but it will get harder pretty quickly so don t worry about that. I spent so much time into this map, so I hope you will all enjoy it. Have fun. Youtube channel: Hielke - Minecraft

Sky Islands Parkour
211 21 0 1.12+

Created by Hielke. Parkour Paradise returns! In Parkour Paradise Sky Islands there are 10 fun and unique Sky Islands to beat! This map is Multiplayer friendly and works fully automatic! You don t have to do any commands yourself. Just like Parkour Paradise 2, Parkour Paradise Sky Islands takes full advantages of Minecraft 1.9, like the Elytra! Together we can make Parkour Paradise Sky Islan...

Parkour Spiral 2
262 32 0 1.12+

Created By Hielke, It5meSam. Parkour Spiral is back! And it s better than ever! With custom sounds and music, custom advancements and of course.. A LOT OF PARKOUR! Parkour Spiral 2 has everything you want from a parkour map! This map is multiplayer friendly! More people - more fun! Youtube channels: Hielke - Minecraft, It5meSam