The Wave Shader

Hop on to a unique Minecraft experience as you ride the moving landscape in The Wave Shader mod. Watch the entire landscape rise and fall like the waves of the ocean and challenge yourself not to get sea sick. What The Wave Shader Pack is About The Wave Shader Pack 1.12.2/1.11.2 is a unique pack created by username Beed28. This pack involves transforming the entire terrain and making every block move with the wind before your very eyes. The pack doesn’t have any other feature on top of it, and instead, focuses on solely moving the blocks. Although similar to the Acid Shaders, the Wave Shader pack does not make the movement random and instead makes everything move regardless of distance and direction.

How to install?

  1. Download mods from the link below.
  2. Install Optifine for your minecraft version : Optifine
  3. On the Main menu click -> "options"
  4. On the Options menu click -> "shaders"
  5. On the Shaders menu click -> "Open shaders folder"
  6. Move the downloaded .zip file into the shaders folder.
  7. Select the shaderpack from the list and play!

More described installation guide can be found at our info page.

Download The Wave Shader

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Download for Minecraft 1.12/1.11/1.10/1.9/1.8/1.7
First off, install Karyonix's Shader Mod, as this shader will not work without it.

*The credit for creating and developing The Wave Shader goes to UnknownBeed28