Aircraft Cabin Interior

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Category: vehicle

Minecraft Version: 1.12+

Map Type: WorldEdit (.schematic)

Description: This is an Airbus A320-20...

Description: This is an Airbus A320-200’s cabin, configured as a Lufthansa Domestic flight. I’ve always wanted to recreate the experience of air travel in Minecraft, and hopefully this build is convincing enough to remind you of the last time you boarded a flight, walked down the aisle looking for your seat row, lifted your bag into the overhead compartments, and sat down, anticipating your arrival at some exciting destination.


2019/11/13 22:06

i love planes soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i like this plane great job!!!!!! :)


2019/11/13 22:22

Happy to hear that! Thanks


2019/11/14 00:49

Also if ur the REAL wiederdude I subbed to ur channels


2019/11/14 02:19

Ummm? My username is KingAlfred... the profile pic is just the website default


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2019/12/28 09:19

i love planes. great job building this. this is the best.