A Heros Journey 2 Elements of the World

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Category: adventure

Minecraft Version: 1.12+

Map Type: Java Edition (.rar)

Description: Created by Craftdiamonds....

Description: Created by Craftdiamonds. Long ago there was a world of just Void... Until one day 4 powerful elements emerged. Air, Water, Earth, Fire. They created a wonderful world that flourished with life... The people and animals that inhabited this new land loved the four elements for providing them with warmth, land, food and water, etc. Soon other beings emerged from the original elements such as Wind, Heat, ice, etc. The people all loved the elements except one... The Element of Winter Dubbed Winter the people despised him for bringing long winters that would kill them, their crops, and livestock. Winter always caused famine and it caused the people to become extremely upset. Miffed by the peoples rage Winter retaliated and broke the world into islands and blocked the passage way for the people to reach the other elements. He also put the peoples world into an eternal winter. It was just too dangerous... All the other elements decided to Seal Winter away and used special crystals to hold him back. Thousands of years Winters power grew and grew... Your Mission is to collect the four elemental blocks and defeat winter head on to bring back order to the land. This map includes a custom built terrain featuring the worlds of the four elements. Within these worlds are an assortment of several different mobs that you will have to battle against to make it to the crystals. Each area gets progressively more difficult so there are custom trades for you to obtain better gear, weapons, and tools. Find secrets within the world to aid you during battle and to upgrade your items. The only way to upgrade your gear is to find secret upgrade items. After clearing each area you will encounter a boss. The map is also equipped with a custom resource pack that changes a few items and the music. The map includes several different soundtracks.