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Category: city

Minecraft Version: 1.12+

Map Type: Java Edition (.rar) | Bedrock Edition (.rar)

Description: Created by Cougarnick24. ...

Description: Created by Cougarnick24. This is NEXCity X. A complete revolution for every building, an immense expansion for the entire city and a new stunning landscape. Mountains, forests and lakes change the overall aspect of the city, that becomes more modern and luxurious. This is also the first Special Edition released, so the next big update will come in 2020. If you are playing NEXCity 5.0 or below, update to the newest one. MODS you need to install to enjoy the map: -Personal Cars 1.4 -DecoCraft2 2.6.2 -PRTLib 1.0.4 -Thut s Elevators 6.1.5 -ThutCore 5.21.0 -MalisisCore 6.5.1 -MalisisDoors 7.3.0 Youtube channel: NEX Channel