The Secret Island

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Category: adventure

Minecraft Version: 1.13+

Map Type: Java Edition (.rar)

Description: Created by Team Blocksani...

Description: Created by Team Blocksanity. A well known and eccentric billionaire has passed away. Not having any family to inherit his wealth. A committee was formed of the top minds of all Minecraft. They were tasked by the billionaire to find the most worthy candidate to inherit his most secret of islands. Situated in an un-disclosed location in the Pacific Ocean. A private wonderland that could best be described as a tropical beach and theme park. Very few were allowed to visit the island, but those that did described it as almost magical. And You, Lucky as you are. Get to play the role of the chosen candidate. You are the new Owner of The Secret Island. Enjoy this fun Exploration based map in single player, or with friends! Youtube channel: Team Blocksanity