Welcome to BillionBlocks!

Huge update is coming between august 15-30!
BillionBlocks will get:
-Thousands of brand new maps.
-Brand new design.
-Brand new system.
-You will be able to register your own account and upload maps.
-You will see your stats: views,subscribers, downloads, likes, ratings etc.
-You will be able to level up on the site as a builder and earn great features like earning money with your maps!
-You will be able to download other’s maps.
-You will be able to get ratings and get to the top in the list of the best minecraft builders and get promotion even for your youtube channel.
-Thousands of brand new maps.
-Chat with your minecraft/builder friends on the site even with me (WiederDude)
-Download skins, mods, texture packs shaders etc.
-Join the community of BillionBlocks and have fun.
Make sure to check back so you won’t miss the opportunity to join the brand new and fresh community of BillionBlocks!

We are using Google Drive – Cloud Storage for the file  downloads,
for more info about file download, please read the “info”  menu.


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